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Chicago Culinary Kitchen

Chicago Culinary Kitchen defines themselves as ‘The Complete BBQ & Craft Beer Experience’.  I had the opportunity to sit through a ‘class’ and I can absolutely confirm that they are in fact the complete BBQ and Craft Beer Experience!

Chicago Culinary Kitchen (CCK) is the brainchild of Greg and Kristina Gaardbo.  CCK is the evolution/progression from their successful Texas BBQ & Brazilian fusion catering company, Rockin Rodizio that they have been running for a number of years.

What is CCK?  It is a BBQ and Craft Beer ‘School’ where you don’t have to take notes or take tests.  Greg and Kristina will take you on a journey of BBQ and beer like you have never experienced before.  The BBQ is amazing and the beer is perfect.  This is nothing like you’ve ever done before!!!   I can honestly say that I CANNOT wait to take another class!!

Kristina is a graduate of Siebel Institute of Technology – Technological Brewing course and is a Certified Beer Server.  In other words, she really knows her beer.  Her pairings of the different craft beers with the different types of BBQ were spot on!

Chicago Culinary Kitchen Decor

Greg starts the class by pointing to a gong he has hanging in the front of the room.  This is for anyone who can’t possibly eat any more to ‘tap-out’.  What seemed like a curious prop at the beginning of the class turned out to be used by several ‘students’.

Mexican Corn

Homemade Biscuit with Butter

Greg and Kristina started us out with a large homemade biscuit with butter and Mexican corn.  Yes, they’re both incredibly delicious.  However, don’t forget to leave room for the world-class BBQ that is just around the corner.  We were getting ready to feast on the amazing sausage!!


Chicken and Beans

Greg and Kristina began the class by teaching us how to prep an Amish free-range chicken by injecting/infusing it with their homemade brine (they will be more than happy to provide you with their recipes).  They then served us chicken BBQ that was prepared in the exact same way earlier in the day.  The chicken was ‘fall-off-the-bone’ good.  Probably the most flavorful and moist chicken I have ever had.

St. Louis Ribs and Macaroni and Cheese

Pulled Pork Butt and Brisket

The chicken was then followed by beans with bacon, macaroni & cheese, St Louis ribs, pulled pork butt, and brisket.   It is virtually impossible to eat the amount of BBQ you are presented.  Even if you could finish it, you end your journey with a bread pudding with bourbon raisins plus vanilla ice cream with caramel.  This was a 3-hour feast!

Bread Pudding with Bourbon raisins and Vanilla Ice Cream with Caramel

If you are looking for something completely different and unique, CCK is a must try!  Their passion for BBQ and beer comes through loud and clear.  It felt as if we were having BBQ and beer at a friend’s house.  This is a great alternative to the stale and predictable corporate event.  CCK is an intimate venue and can accommodate groups of up to 35.  Or if you’re looking to become a Pitmaster, Greg and Kristina can and will take you to the next level.

Kristina and Greg

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