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Fresh Shrimp With Sauce

I had heard a lot of positive things about Eddie V’s Prime Seafood Chicago and decided to try them out for myself.

The first thing you’ll notice as you enter the restaurant is the ambience.  Eddie V’s is both a top-tier seafood restaurant as well as a great place for drinks and live jazz/easy listening music in the bar and lounge area .  The muted lighting and subdued décor immediately remind you that you are in a first class establishment.   The live music and great vibe make Eddie V’s a unique destination in a cluttered world of cookie-cutter restaurants.


They have a small private room at the front of the restaurant that will accommodate 12 to 15 people.  They also have a large private room that will accommodate approximately 35 people.

There are a number of things I look for when reviewing a restaurant.  The top two things that I believe are critical are:  the service, and the quality and creativity of the menu.  I quickly realized that Eddie V’s has a laser focus on both of these areas.

Kitchen Area

I can’t say enough about the exceptional service I received.  Our server (Peter) was always available but never intrusive.  He was very knowledgeable about the menu items and was extremely accommodating.  I can truthfully say that this was one of my most pleasant restaurant experiences.

If you’re looking for outstanding fresh seafood, you will not be disappointed.  I found myself muttering the words ‘this-is-amazing’ on more than one occasion.

Eddie V’s has an incredible wine list and a terrific bar.  On a side note, the bartender made us dirty martinis and mojitos that were just right.

Wine Room

Dirty Martini

Mojito and Wine

Our gastronomic journey began with their Crispy Oyster appetizers.  This alone would be a 5-star main course at other restaurants.  We followed up with their Tartar:  Maine Lobster Tartar and Ahi Tuna Tartar.  I will certainly order these again the next time I’m at the restaurant.

Crispy Oyster Appetizer


Next stop on our journey was the Chilean Seabass.  This was definitely a ‘this-is-amazing’ moment.  The seabass was cooked to perfection.  I’m a big fan of Chilean Seabass and I have never had better.

Chilean Seabass

For dessert, we were treated to their Hot “Bananas Foster” Butter Cake.  I had already eaten too much at this point and vowed to only ‘try’ the dessert.  Well, one bite lead to the next and before I knew it the entire Butter Cake was gone.  Yes, it was that good.

Banana Foster

Executive Chef AnaMaria Solis is an absolute genius.  She delivers world-class results.

Elizabeth Bolger-Sales Manager, Chef AnaMaria Solis, Michelle Guilbeau

In summary:

  • Service: Outstanding!
  • Food / Menu: World-Class!
  • Wine List / Bar: Very Complete!
  • Restaurant: Great Ambience!

I have already strongly recommended Eddie V’s to my family and friends.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised… enjoy!



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