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Knife & Tine was established in 2014 and is a hidden gem! The variety of outstanding dishes and drinks offered at Knife & Tine are key differentiators in making this Chicago restaurant a must visit!

We started with snacks and ordered the Deviled Eggs and the Almond Stuffed Dates. Three eggs come in the Deviled Eggs order and they tasted so good, it was difficult to share. Fortunately we also had ordered the Almond Stuffed Dates which had such a unique taste and were made with tzatziki, bacon, port caramel and scallion…they were absolutely amazing!


Next, we tried the Shishito Peppers off the Starters menu, this was one of my favorite small dishes, this dish is made with smoked paprika pepitas and gorgonzola maple fondue. I love spicy so this one was right up my alley, but buyer beware…there were a couple hot ones. If you enjoy spicy, you will love this dish!  I also tried the PEI Mussels which I thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend!

The Soup and Salad menu offers choices that are all wonderful and choosing just one can be quite the challenge. However, I highly recommend the Basil, Beets and Burrata salad. This salad was extraordinary and the combination of sweet and tangy made it a dish worthy of a 5 star restaurant. This was another dish in which I found it difficult to share because it was so tasty.  This salad definitely could be a meal on its own.

The Main Course selection at Knife & Tine was a symphony of excellence in food! I tried the Striped Bass and the crispy skin of the Striped Bass along with the saffron couscous, roasted ratatouille, salad, preserved lemon and fresh dill was like music in my mouth. A full order is approximately 7 ounces and trust me when I tell you that you will enjoy every ounce of this excellent fish!

The Shrimp and Grits were next on my main course adventure and I found this meal of shrimp, white cheddar grits, applewood smoked bacon, giardiniera seafood broth and corn fritters to be a hearty, filling and very satisfying dish…it was what I consider to be very savory and pure bliss!

Two dishes which I found to be very unique in flavor and texture on the Main Course selection were the Thai Pork Chop and the Pear and Pecorino Ravioli.  Both dishes were flavorful, exciting and very filling. I enjoyed both dishes equally and I would recommend individuals order both dishes and share to get the opportunity to try each unique taste.

My favorite side dish was the Bourbon Glazed Carrots, the wonderful crunch and sweetest of this dish melted in my mouth and I could not get enough of this one! Brown sugar bourbon glaze, cornbread crumble and fresh herbs make this one a must try when visiting Knife & Tine!

Along with the outstanding food, I decided to sip on the Lavender Mojito and this cocktail was beyond refreshing! It quenched the thirst and was reminiscent of a small piece of paradise. Be prepared to indulge in cocktail paradise when visiting Knife & Tine.

I have to mention the service was outstanding at Knife & Tine. We were fortunate to have Sal as our server and he was attentive, helpful and went above and beyond throughout our entire meal! We were very pleased with all the staff we came in contact with at Knife & Tine. It was obvious that professionalism and top notch customer service are a top priority for this establishment.

If you are not able to partake in dinner or brunch at Knife & Tine, be sure to at least check out the happy hour specials at the bar top. There are ½ priced specials and $5 bar snacks offered Tuesday through Friday from 3pm to 6:30pm. Wonderful food and drinks at excellent prices! Be sure to visit the website for specials!

If you are a Chicago restaurant regular or a visitor to Chicago, Knife & Tine is one that you will not want to miss! The charm of this restaurant and delicious food and drinks will make you long for the day when you can make a return visit to Knife & Tine!

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