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Chicago,Illinois | Wells (312) 527-1850| Halsted (312) 454-0748| Dearborn (312) 834-0500| website

I visited the Meli Café on Wells in Chicago, Illinois for breakfast with a colleague. First point of order is that there was ample street parking within walking distance to the restaurant.

The restaurant felt spacious and welcoming. We were quickly greeted upon our arrival and immediately shown to a table. The number of servers to guests was impressive. The service at our table and at the tables around us was friendly and unbelievably fast… we only had to wait a couple of minutes for our food. If you prefer, there is a section of the restaurant that is dedicated to a ‘diner’ style of eating… bar stools at a counter. You can also order meals-to-go at the counter.

You can usually tell if a restaurant is good by the number of patrons in the restaurant and also foot traffic. The Meli Café on Wells was very busy with people constantly arriving and leaving. There was a good mix of young couples as well as families.

This is a great breakfast restaurant for both a traditional breakfast as well as for the healthy conscious guest. Their extensive menu is original and very unique thanks to Executive Chef Frank Georgacopoulos. They have a number of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free choices on the menu. These items are clearly labeled on the menu.

When you first open the menu you notice a wide selection of daily specials. The daily specials cover a wide variety of choices. They also have a Children’s Menu for kids 12 and under. The Children’s Menu has the standard kids fare.

They also have a broad selection of handcrafted juice blends and smoothies. Their smoothies are almost a meal onto themselves. For the really health conscious, you can also order a shot of Wheat Grass with different added flavors.

Just about everything is made in-house… whipped butter, marmalades, and even the ketchup is homemade.

I ordered the Big Bowl down-on-the-farm traditional breakfast. My colleague had the Naan Flatbread Chicken Chorizo. Both were outstanding! The portions were extremely generous. Eggland’s Best Organic Eggs really did enhance the flavor of the scrambled eggs in the Big Bowl. In our opinion, there is definitely a difference between regular store bought eggs and Eggland’s Best Organic Eggs. The Meli Café uses fresh ingredients and the flavors come through loud and clear.

To satisfy our sweet tooth, we tried three additional breakfast dishes to taste a fair sample of the menu. We ordered the: 1) Elvis French Toast with Bananas; 2) the Bread Pudding Pancakes; and 3) the Cannoli Crepes. All three were out-of-this-world good! It was hard to pick a favorite. My recommendation is that if you visit the restaurant with a friend (or friends), that each of you orders something different and sample family style from each.

What makes the Meli Café ‘different’ is their healthy and unique menu. Even if you’re not too adventurous in what you choose to order for breakfast, please venture out and try something completely out of your comfort zone from the menu and I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

I will certainly put the Meli Café on my list of best breakfast restaurants and I will put this restaurant on the “must visit” to all my family, friends and readers!






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